ATV – Snowmobile Trails

ATV Trails

Four-wheeling is a growing sport in our area and thanks to the Birchwood Bobcat ATV Club, our network of trails is growing, too.
ATV trails are just at the end of our long driveway and can take you around the lake or into town. Active volunteers keep working to develop new trails and improve the existing trails. Their cooperation with landowners and public lands administrators build positive relationships. As a result, our ATV trails are getting better all the time. Trails cover a variety of terrain. Because we’re near the junction of 4 counties, opening and closing dates vary.

Generally speaking, ATV trails are always open with the following exceptions: 1) In late October, some trails close to allow for safer hunting with less disturbance by ATVs. 2) In the spring, when things are too wet or too dry, ATV trails in Washburn County close; generally from April 15th until Memorial Day.

We have trail maps available at the cabin, for  information and ATV rental call Seasonal Power Toys in Birchwood at (715) 354-3886.


Snowmobile Trails
Spider Lake Saloon and Resort is located on Trail Number 26 in southeastern Washburn County.
Local trails are very well maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers from the
Birchwood Bobcat Sledders Snowmobile Club.

The Bobcat Sledders are very proud of our trails. We have miles and miles of well-groomed trails with connections to an even greater network of trails. Make Spider Lake your Base Camp and explore new trails every day. Throughout the snowmobile season we hear it over and over, “These are the best trails in the area.”

For trail maps and information, call Seasonal Power Toys in Birchwood at (715) 354-3886.

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